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Product design that fuels business growth

The Fuel is a compact team of highly experienced industrial design experts, specialising in the definition and creation of mass-produced consumer electronic products for manufacturers and brands.

We design the visual appearance, interactions and all aspects of the product experience to create devices that are easy to use and easy to sell, balancing the needs of human behaviour, technology and marketing.

Our bold, business focused solutions help companies grow their top line and improve their bottom line.

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Fuelled by great experience

The Fuel team have been working with a range of global clients for 20 years, here are just a few of them.*

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*Projects managed & delivered by The Fuel team whilst Directors at Alloy Ltd


Fuel for results

Our work is incredibly commercially effective because we focus equally on the needs of the product user and the business engaging us.

Each engagement is uniquely tailored to our clients needs, here are just a few of the ways we could help:

Design the visual identity to make a product desirable and recognisable.
Create a flexible brand language to visually connect a product portfolio.
Identify opportunities for valuable new product functionality and ownable intellectual property.
Optimise a products fit within a service to improve the experience & reduce the operational costs.
Design intuitive product user experiences to build brand reputation & loyalty.
Create meaningful product differentiation to fuel marketing strategies.
Create unique understandable customer benefits that elevate the product offer.
Integrate with engineering teams to ensure cost-effective and achievable outcomes.
Make technology usable and desirable to drive user adoption within new markets.
Leverage deep knowledge within consumer electronics to optimise time to market.

management team

Key components of the fuel

The Fuel is the result of Matt Plested and Jim Blyth’s desire to build a new model of design consultancy where clients work only with specialist experienced practitioners. Every project at The Fuel is led by either Matt or Jim, we’re smart, nimble, and have the drive to help businesses grow.

Between us, we have nearly 40 years of design consulting experience, please take a look at our LinkedIn profiles to learn more about us.


Add some fuel to your fire

We work with all of kinds of clients from newly funded startups to established organizations. We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch if you’d like to know more about what we do.

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